Selling same product, but one with FBA and one with FBM - pls help!


We currently sell a product on Amazon via FBA.

We want to sell the same product but through our company website as well, and have it fulfilled by Amazon. We have already installed the API on the website and tested the system, which works. I’d like to know what I need to do to add inventory on Amazon specifically for our website fulfilment.



As far as I know it doesn’t work that way - you have a single pool of inventory.


everything comes out of FBA stock, so 1 pool. However if it is S&L then you cannot do MFN, only regular FBA can be used.

one word of warning: you do not get any tracking info for those orders; so all you get is when it has been dispatched, nothing more. Also far as I know, there is no SLA for those orders, so if FC is busy, then those orders will be quite low in priority.

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