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A customer contacted and said that a product was fraudulent without any proof, and think that this person must have been a competitor. blocked this ASIN number though their are 5 other sizes of the same product whereby there has been no complaint to, and can confirm that we have sold thousands of litres of the ASIN has blocked via, es, and de with not one complaint, in fact we have 5 star rating on every platform including

I have sent several appeals over the past 3 months proving that we were correct, but have not had one reply to our appeals which is very disappointing.

Obviously i accept that Amazon needs to be careful, but to accept a client making false accusations without proof is totally wrong.

For this reason i need advise on who i should report this too, as we are the distributors and feel deeply upset that one person can make such a complaint without proof and without consultation

Why do the staff at Amazon block you from making an appeal

May I ask what kind of complaint you received? Customer Product Condition Complaints aren’t difficult to appeal, as long as you are able to present Amazon it’s cause and an effective solution.

If you need help with appealing, I would advise you to check out my thread with detailed instructions how to successfully appeal “Used Sold As New Complaints”:


Hello Midi_Decor_SARL,

Abel here to assist.
Regardless of the item ratings, the sellers need to appeal if they receive customer complaints about authenticity or quality/condition of their products.

As the issue is at Italian Store, have you checked your account’s Performance Notifications? And as you have received “fraudulent item” complaint, have you provided invoices from your supplier?

Please keep in mind that those documents should reflect your sales volume during the last 365 days, must include contact information for your supplier, including name, phone number, address, and website.
You may remove pricing information, but the rest of the document must be visible. For ease of our review, you may highlight or circle the ASIN(s) under review.

All the best.



I think you have miss understood sent us a sale and we used the Ship to address as well as sending the product on the same date

The product arrived at the address on the 8th January 3 days earlier than necessary but because they could not deliver over a period of 4 days the product was returned to us

Yesterday we were informed by the client that they had moved from the address that Amazon gave us so we diverted the product to the new address

The same day that the client advised us about the new address the client used feedback to say that the delivery was late

Obviously, the client should have informed Amazon of the new address as if they had the delivery would have been on time

I advised Amazon of this and they refused to delete the notice, which i feel is totally unfair as they also refused me from being able to appeal saying that i had 0 days to appeal, which i feel very upset with as at no point can we be blamed for something totally out of our hands as Amazon gave us the wrong address


Actually no, Amazon did not give you the wrong address. The customer did.
When the customer advised you that the address was out of date then you should, if possible, have halted the parcel and had it returned to yourselves, not redirected to the buyers new address.
The buyer could then have been refunded for having an “undeliverable address” and could have reordered with the correct address.
Unfortunately helping buyers out in the way you did is not rewarded on Amazon, as you have discovered.