Sending European orders with MCF - which carriers? Tracked?



I’m looking into sending European orders using MCF, I worked out to send a t shirt to western europe it will cost £7.60 and £9.70 to central europe. Sounds pretty expensive so I’m wondering which carriers and services are used to fulfill European orders - are they tracked?

Is there a list of which European countries Amazon will ship to?

Also - is there software that will automatically pull in my ebay orders so that Amazon fulfils them? These are products already listed on ebay so as far as I’m aware Joe lister can’t be used?




@AmyDee they use different carriers, and you can’t really choose. Sometimes they take 3 days to dispatch - especially in France. Quite often trackings do not work (as these are internal amazon trackings and you can see progress only “inside” your account), and you will not win paypal claim… I was there 3 years ago and I don’t recommend going that way (btw prices back then were much lower than 9.60). It is cheaper, faster and better to fulfill them by yourself…


Thank-you for sharing!

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