Sending FBA Inventory to another EU market rather than home marketplace



I am selling on Amazon and my home / source marketplace is UK. I always shipped my products to UK ware houses but this time I want to send my inventory to Italy because it will be more cost effective for me. Since I am enrolled into Pan-EU FBA programme, I was told that I can send my inventory to other EU markets as well. However even though I create my shipping plan in IT marketplace, it assigns an FC from UK.
Am I missing something here, is there any way of sending inventory to any other EU country rather than UK?


Pan-eu does not work like that.Your stock is sent to a UK FC then Amazon distributes it to the EU FC’s how it sees fit.


I agree with russ, PAN-European FBA program doesn’t give sellers the option to pick countries where they wish to store their inventory, here you can review the full terms and conditions:

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