Several FBA ASINS showing as 0 in stock for Euro Marketplaces


In the process of. I can’t actually join it, until my VAT numbers come through.

Just wish it was a bit quicker. :slight_smile:


Good luck! Germany took ages but France VAT number arrived in quicktime.

I’ve read about a few other sellers going down this route and their EU bound shipments were re-routed into UK FBA centres.

Sounds odd but hopefully not an ongoing issue for other sellers too.


There is actually a scheme running, as I’ve posted above, where Amazon handle the shipments directly.
So hopefully there shouldn’t be too many issues with it.


When you say “escalated it as far as I can” was it just SC help you raised it with? I can’t seem to get anywhere with them, been going round in circles for a month now!


The MD’s office. There is no further to go.


Asins are hazmat @NEil


Which is exactly what happens when you have the same subject on two different threads!


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