SFP - Amazon removed Tracked 48 options from buy shipping


Last year Amazon extended the delivery times for some items under the SFP program, and some of the orders we receive have an arrival time of 2-3 after shipment.

Also last year, they removed the tracked 48 option option under the buy shipping services, thus incurring unnecessary expense of sellers for order that don’t need next day!!

Amazons reply was… “increase you price to cover the extra postage cost for shipping tracked 24”

When asked if they would add back in the tracked 48 option for such orders, their reply was…

“As per the policy being a seller support associate we do not have scope to change add 48 service back.”

There are some people in the Amazon organisation that have no common sense and just stick to their dumb stupid rules, policies and procedures, despite the fact that they are completely illogical and stupid!