SFP Offers and all offers not showing any Buy Box options,


Hopefully other SFP sellers can state if they have the same problem - or not


Not that then at least


We have the same problem, ticket raised but no reply yet. Marked as urgent.


You have to keep going back to them, i am still getting genereic reply, that it is automated system and nothing they can do . It is crazy. our feedback for 30 days is 98% highest of all our competitors and they all seem to be fine.


Are any of them SFP ?


Yes a lot of them are SFP

Ads show as running in campaign manager but they aren't

So that can be ruled out too maybe :thinking:


The competitors I’ve noticed aren’t SFP but I’ve got non-Prime listings that are affected as well - it’s really weird!

All of our FBA listings are selling


Just a bit of checking, do you have a ‘small business’ tag on Amazon. We do and a few other sellers who I can see have the same issue all have a ‘‘small business’’ tag. This could be linked!!


Amazon have just come to an agreement in the EU Competition case which covers the way the manage seller data and the buy box giving preferential treatment to Prime or sellers that use their services. They may be in the process of implementing testing or implementing a change to effect that which might be causing this.


We do! Interesting theory.


surely that would affect FBA sales too ?


We’ve been informed that there isn’t any pricing or account changes for us so it appears to be a technical issue. SS are investigating.



FBA listing of ours, been selling fine today.

Suppose it could be Small Business and SFP.

Posted above but to reiterate we’ve been informed it’s a technical issue.



This issue is also happening to us. We monitor our PL listings and have had circa 700 listings removed overnight

Has anyone had a useful response from SS yet?



We dont have a small business mark on ours, venthough we should i think


No Useful response as of yet. they are still sending generic emails, or were as of my last reply to them saying please strop sending generic emails and please try and understand the issue, to which they sent the same generic email


You’d think so, but I suspect that they use a different system for FBA orders and they’d be last to be changed as there’s as they’re closer to being “Amazon orders” (not sure how tight the wording on the agreement is) and they stand to lose more on those. Could just be me being cynical of course…


We’ve had exactly the same issue today, all 200 of our FBM listings have lost the buy box - we’re the only seller and our account health all looks good. The only metrics that look bad on our account is a couple of the SFP Eligibilities metrics, our Buy Shipping Rate in December took quite a hit when we couldn’t buy shipping for Royal Mail for a couple of days (so we entered them all manually).

I’m really hoping this sorts itself out soon as we’re losing a lot of sales due to this!