SFP orders delivered "late" by Royal Mail losing Prime badge


Only time we have had a problem with ‘late shipment’ is when we hand the parcels over in good time, but the items don’t get scanned until after midnight.
Usually in these instances and the dreaded ‘Drop in On-Time Shipment Rate’ mail arrives, it can be explained as such - that we shipped on time but a small number were scanned late.

As for On-Time Delivery - yes, this is pretty much outside of our (sellers) control. If you can drum up a letter, or even a screenshot of a webchat etc with an admission of fault by RM, that’s usually enough to avoid any action or to get re-instated.

Amazon don’t really seem to care about the shipment problems, they only care about the Customer Experience and the Prime promise. So mentioning “any impacted Customer who opens a ticket for ‘missed fulfilment’ will be offered pre-paid return or discounted or refunded in full”. Usually seems to grease the wheels.


Have you not been invited to join Amazon Logistic? It is a much better service than what I got from Royal Mail. We still got Track 24 but rarely uses it; especially the collection is never setup after being passing round so many different departments!

For the odd occasion that we have to use Track24, we marked the purple tag with AMZ, hoping that they will scan it first.

Is DPD not an option for you?



We have encountered the same issue persistently since using SFP. The issue I believe is 100% down to the Royal Mail depot not scanning the parcels on the same day they receive. For example if Royal Mail collects your SFP orders on Monday they must scan them on the Monday before midnight. However quite often they do not do this and unfortunately this puts all Amazon sellers using SFP at risk when using Royal Mail.


We have had this issue many times! The best thing we found to do is to download your end of day forms Orders>Order reports> End Of Day Reports and generate it every day before Royal Mail collect.
Ask them to sign it and keep a copy. Speak to them about scanning it on the day of pickup as a lot of them aren’t scanned until the following morning which makes it look as if it is already delivered late when they can even be delivered on time.
We are close with our driver and always ask him to make sure they are scanned on the day and gave him the reason why. Haven’t had issues since.
I hope this helps :slight_smile:


I have to say I found SFP too much of a faff with too many restrictions and in need of serious development and improvement before I would consider using it again. I found it more hassle than it was worth trying to meet virtually impossible targets that by and large were out of my control as highlighted by the OP

Also I didn’t see much of an increase in sales and certainly not enough to justify the hassle

I suppose its horses for courses and perhaps dependant on what you sell but in its current form its not for me