Sfp sate-t claim


Hi there

Having some trouble here. In the past I was not able to submit a claim on a order until the order was refunded. i.e. The Claim would not even been accepted until then.

I have recently made a claim ( by refunding a SFP order first ) and then making a claim… which was denied on the grounds that we refunded the customer.

Anyway - Looking forward for some clarification



The Safe-T claims procedure has changed. Seller refunded orders on SFP are not being reimbursed.
However if Amazon have refunded a customer you can submit a Safe-T claim.


Thank you. It’s strange because I had one settled recently in similar circumstances.

If someone sends back a SFP order that is incomplete or damaged… what is the process. Give them a partial refund and then wait for the A-z?

Can you open SAFE-T claims for FBA orders where amazon has refunded a terribly badly damaged customer return? We have been using FBA for many years and in the beginning Amazon would regularly reject bad returns… and these were the terms that sold us on FBA. These days it seems normal practice to allow a customer to make modifications to products and then return them for a full refund with parts missing or clothes that have been worn many times.