SFP suspended and requested to do a POA to improve


Received this:
We need to inform you that the Prime badge has been removed from your Seller Fulfilled Prime ASINs. You will have received additional communications regarding via email or as a Case within Seller Central. Please refer to these communications for the next steps.

Dear Seller

Your on-time Shipment rate for your Seller Fulfilled Prime orders has fallen below the 99% requirement of the program. In the period from 31st December to 4th January (Week 1) , your on-time shipment rate was 94.03%
On-time Shipment rate accuracy is the percentage of seller-fulfilled packages that are shipped by the estimated dispatch date. For orders you receive before the website cut-off time, you are expected to continue shipping these on the same day to which the order was placed.

I’ve done a 30 day defects download (16 Dec - 16 Jan) and there are only 3 defects.
All 3 were shipped on promised day, 1 was scanned by Royal Mail after the promised ship date, but all 3 were delivered late. BUT, our metrics for the last 30 days is On-Time Shipment - 99.7% (Royal Mail scan some parcels after midnight sometimes), On-Time Delivery - 99.4%, Buy Shipping Service - 100%, Cancellation - 0%

These are all above the 99% metrics required for SFP.

What do I need to do for a Plan of Action?


Inform them that they have measured the metrics wrongly 31st Dec was a Tuesday . So they have not counted your Monday (30th) parcels thus messing the results

Always check there dates as this has happened to us when informed (politely) you will see the case closed



You need to obtain an email from RM to explain why they did not scan the parcels on time, as if they are scanned the next day, it will cause problems.

We have raised with RM and Amazon

If you report BEFORE Wednesday of each week with any issues, then they seem to ensure no issues on your account, telling them after will be hard to get them to do anything


There was only 1 out of 3 exceptions that wasn’t scanned same day. Our metrics are still some way above the 99% required for SFP


These may be useful links for you:

SFP Report: https://sellercentral-europe.amazon.com/seller-fulfilled-prime/seller-performance

Premium Shipping: https://sellercentral-europe.amazon.com/performance/eligibilities

If all looks ok, need to messge Amazon, good luck!