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I have a UK seller account and I’m in the process of trying to organise my first shipment to amazon and it asks to enter a “ship from this address” address. I’ve read that this can’t be my suppliers address, which is in the UK and I don’t have a storage facility so what do I enter? When I’ve read and watched videos in the seller university it Implies that I/you/we send shipments to an Amazon facility, now I’m under the impression that amazon picks up the shipment. I’m confused. Or am I doing something wrong? Any help would be much appreciated thank you.



ship from address ,unless your wholesaler/supplier uses or is prepared to use UPS (amazon preferred carrier), it would be your address or if alternatively you have somewhere else other than your house to pick up from, tip, you can book a same Amazon collection if booked before 12 lunchtime, 2nd tip create a account with ups and put in your email address and when you book the shipment you get a email confirmation in case you have to chase UPS up, DPD have quoted me more than UPS to ship into Amazon UK FC’s though, but they are still trying to get my business, the rate i was given DPD for UK was £4.20 first parcel, and £3:60 every parcel thereafter for a 60 by 60 by 60 cm up to 30 kg into Amazon UK (any depot) not any good currently as 15 kg max into FC’s

hope this shed light on it for you :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply, it sheds some light yes. However if my supplier is prepared to use or uses UPS what do I enter in the “ship from this address” field if my supplier can send it strait to an Amazon FC. Or does amazon prefer not to operate in this way. I could potentially take the order at my address as they are not big items although I would obviously prefer not to, is it better do this if possible?


winner ,winner chicken dinner :),

if your supplier is prepared/uses UPS, book the shipment from his location when building the shipping plan,and go to print the labels, BUT instead of printing them SAVE the file on pc as a PDF, and email it to your supplier so that they can print the labels off and put them on the boxes ,just remind them to not PUT the labels on the seams/joins, when they agree to do UPS remember to tell them the delivery is at YOUR cost not theres ,and check when its going to be available for collection, then book the UPS collection in the normal UPS way(you only need 1 barcode to book collection tho), number of boxes/weight 2nd tip when you have the pdf file saved the weight are on the labels, just make sure you got all the details bang on, your supplier has to nowt apart from slap the labels on and give to UPS no charge to him, your charged Amazon UPS rate cushdie :slight_smile:


Thanks so much this is a big help, at the moment my supplier is not accepting collections due to the current situation but can deliver for free was hoping it would be ok for them to send to amazon but I can work something out for now. Thanks again.


well if he is delivering for free,see if you can come to a accommodation over the prices,as if you send in UPS to collect its not costing him nothing,therefore by a process of elimination his free delivery is not actually free, as if you send in UPS your not availing yourself of his “free delivery”, if he still wont budge on accepting UPS collecting it for you,send it to your location with his"free delivery", and onward send it from you to Amazon with UPS,ps a note of caution some people will not deliver to address other than cardholders address(just a warning if you live top floor of a block of flats ,and your trying to send to family member/other location), further note UPS like to know collection location eg front door 19th floor etc,make sure thats right you dont need to be on the wrong side of your regular UPS chap :slight_smile:

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