Ship to another address


Got a rather large (£2,500+) Prime order through on Friday (which was pending for a couple of days) and the customer actually managed to message us while it was pending - odd.

The order came through late Thursday, they messaged asking to ship to a different address, following Amazon policies I told them we couldn’t do that, but they could go ahead and cancel and change the address to the correct one. Nothing back. Come in this morning, still no response, but it needs dispatching today. I message again asking for an update. Nothing.

I go to the Chat function and speak to someone from “Amazon Seller Support” - I state it like that as they asked “May I know the reason why you cannot ship the order to some other address which the buyer specified since later the buyer might raise some issues so asking” - verbatim. -_-

As you can imagine from the above text from “Support” the advice they gave was to message them again.

Has anyone got any other advice?

It needs shipping by today to not affect our Prime health…


what is the order status? if pending, ignore. If customer come back and ask to change address again when the order is confirmed; do cancel with “address undeliverable”.

That is what I would do.


Apoligies - I didn’t explain that well, the order beame confirmed late Thursday, so no longer pedning, I just found it odd that they could message during pending.

If we cancel does that not affect our Prime health? But I agree, I think that’s probably the best solution.


we had to do a few for “undeliverable address” and so far we not seen any change in matrix. Usually it is buyer address looks so incomplete that we know it wont get there; so just cancel the order.

As per Amazon policy, we should only send to what delivery address on the order and no where else. So if the buyer request to send to elsewhere, then the original address is deliverable. They really should cancel the order and place new one; I have to do it before even for a £10 order myself. For such a high value order, that is a HUGE red flag.


Ah ok, that’s good to know that you’ve not seen any change in the matrix - I’ll definiely be considering that then if the buyer doesn’t message back, which seems unlikely at this point.

Exactly, only last night I made an Amazon order for £30 and tripple checked I had the correct address.

Thanks for the advice!


Don’t under any circumstances ship an order of that value to a different address.
For something worth a couple of quid, I probably would. But it is clearly against policy to do so.
And even if it’s delivered and signed for by god himself, you will still lose an A-Z for none delivery!


Do you mean Jeff? Does he buy from his own website? :laughing:


You know, I somehow doubt it. He has the peons to do that for him. :grin:


Oh I’m 100% not shipping to another address, I can already hear the “not received claims” - ha!

Yeah, I think I’ll just go ahead and cancel it if they really want it and it’s not a scam I’'m sure they’ll order again or at least reply!


especially it is close to the cut off for dispatch as well.


Yet another totally incorrect advice from SS - words fail me.

As others have said, under no circumstances ship to a different address than what is on the order, especially for such a large order.

I would send another message to your customer reiterating that according to Amazon’s policy you cannot ship to a different address, and that if you have no response from them by (a certain date/time) that you will have to cancel their order if they do not from their end, and they will need to re-order making sure that the correct delivery address is given.

This does smell a bit like a scam, to me.


The scary thing was I replied saying “It’s against Amazon policy to ship to another address though, isn’t it?” and they replied “Yes its against policy”. Followed by “so just ship it to the order to correct details on the order details page have a great day ahead and disconnect the chat”

Needless to say I will not be using SS chat in the future.

Thank you for your advice though on warning them beforehand, I’ll definitely keep this in mind for any future orders like this.

This is my second post in the forums and I can’t believe how helpful they are in comparison to the actual SS.

Thanks all!


you will pay non refundable fees also for the order


There is no protection if the seller dispatches to an order that does not match the shipping address also you can report the buyer by selecting the report buyer function.

If you do not hear from the buyer then cancel the order and drop an email to seller performance. This is one of the traps where the seller cancel just cancel the order without affecting the seller metrics.

A quick message to the customer saying sorry we are unable to ship to an alternative delivery . Please could you send us a cancellation request and replace the order with the correct delivery address.


yes terrible advice from ss do NOT ship to another address


Agreed and as BM5 suggests, report the buyer for even asking: it almost certainly indicates a potential scam


Do not send regardless of what SS say.

If you do not get a response by tomorrow, are you able to call the customer to explain?

Also worth sending an email from your email provided with: [IMPORTANT] as subject line (you can copy and paste amazon email addresses the same as normal addresses to send from outlook/gmail etc.) to make sure they are getting your message. The email string will be visible if you go under Messages, sent messages.

We don’t let customers change delivery address for £10 orders, let alone that value - if you send to anywhere but what it states on this, customer can claim full refund and Amazon won’t blink taking those funds from you.

Just email them and stress you cannot change delivery address and if they wish, you can cancel and refund and they can re-order using the correct details.

i do not believe if you cancel and select the reason: There was an issue with buyer’s address, your metrics will be affected. Even if they are, it’s not worth potentially loosing the goods and the money.


its for Prime, so should have gone last Friday. I would not even call the customer as they already indicated they wanted it at another address. So if you use the buy shipping on Amazon as you have to do for SFP, then the address would be wrong and you cannot change it. PLUS we are not allow to call buyers!


Personally there should be a help video to help customers who want to change the delivery address, this way cancelling the order incorrectly will not hamper the seller metrics. I noticed the buyer and seller communication methods has been reduced significantly.

Depending on your dispatch timeframes the customer has 48 hours to respond to the seller request to follow the cancellation process. If the customer does not respond to this request then the only option I know available is cancel the order. Seller support will not cancel the order on your behalf.


Never do this. In my experience the customer is trying to scam you, will open an A-Z claim against you and you will not have a signed PoD to prove delivery.