Ship to another address


but how many people will watch it? or if ask CS, will they give right answer?

If you cancel an order as a buyer, it gives you a drop down to say why and one of them is “we want a different address”. If the order is still in pending window (30m), you can change the address yourself. I done it before.

I not had the hit so far… had to do it a few times in the last few months or so especially for Prime order because it cannot be dispatched with the order supplied.


Never ship to another address, come on don’t be taken into a scam


Hyperlink from a drop down selection will open the video when selecting change of address.

I don’t use seller fulfilled prime so cannot comment if the feature is different for cancelling orders.


I not got an open order to check for that atm… if the order already on its way, then just a “cancel order” button.

no different at all. to buyer, it is just an order.


I am not sure what your getting at?

If you look at seller university there are several videos which help the seller the same sort of thing for customers would be useful.


oh you mean as a suggestion and not something already available.

i got delivery from Amazon a few times a week, just that I do not have a pending order right now… the order for tomorrow is already on its way!


I assume after cut-off on Friday, so had to be shipped by Monday.

So, what did you do?

As far as I was aware shipping has to happen using Buy Shipping, so Royal Mail, DPD and Amazon Logistics (although today most will not work with RM and I am sure we will all have lots of issues as Amazon’s fault, but we are of course to blame!).

Shipping to another address is definately not allowed as others have said.

If you cancel as others have suggested, that will count against you, unless the Buyer cancels, not just ticking the address issue box, otherwise we might as well always say that excuse.

If you cancelled, I would suggest to contact Performance to let them know and why.

They want screenshots always as proof. Links and time/dates of any emails etc.

I was told by SS before for SFP order that asked to alter an address: You could always send the receipt using Buy Shipping to the address on the order, then once received, so tracks ok and not affecting your metrics, then refund the item. But as I pointed out to them, that will cost £5 to Amazon to process the refund, plus the cost of Buy Shipping.

But, SS saying to send to another address has to be worse.


Ah, I’d never noticed that button before, I’ll do this!

I ended up messaging them three seperate times before cancelling an hour before cut off and explaining why we’d cancelled. They still haven’t replied to any of the messages.


Oh I 100% wasn’t even considering shipping to a different address, was just wondering the best Amazon way around it. __


It was two day Prime, instead of one day.

I messaged them after they asked for the delivery address to be changed - explaining this wasn’t possible and not in line with Amazon policies, but they could cancel the order and re-order with the correct address. Came back in Monday morning, had no response, followed up asking for an update. Nothing. Had that insightful chat with SS - followed up again and then cancelled an hour before cut off and explained why.

I’d have rathered the buyer cancelled but was getting radio silence, hence cancelling myself so our Prime health wasn’t affected.

I’ll email Performance though and inform them of why the order was cancelled - thanks for that advice!