Shipment not processed my amazon


Newbie alert (HELP)
My products were picked up on Friday and confirmation of delivery was sent this morning stating that they have successfully delivered to the amazon warehouse yesterday morning however on my inventory page it still says out of stock and shipment page still says shipped. What have i done wrong why amazon have not located my product parcel? There is 2x of them different product.


It can take days and sometimes longer from the courier delivering to amazon unpacking and checking in your stock

Whilst you wait, read up on the seller university pages and make sure you are fully verified as a business and have the relevant insurance in place etc


Oh phew! Should it say delivered at least? Yes business verified what insurance do you have?thank you for your reply!!


Not it won’t necessarily say delivered as it maybe waiting in a holding facility

You need product and liability insurance
You’ll struggle if the goods are imported directly by you (from china etc) though
Call round a few insurers but it is a requirement of FBA at a certain level


Oh thank you! I was unaware ill look into this ASAP


Have you used UPS as the partnered carrier?


Hi there, yes I’ve used UPS . My tracking number says it was delivered on Monday morning


It shouldn’t be too long then
Make sure you have pdfs of your supplier trade only invoices to hand ready for a product authenticity check


That’s fine. Depending on which FC is dealing with it and the size of your shipment, will depend on how long it takes to process. A shipment which UPS picked up yesterday at noon from us is already received and checked in at BHX4. It will be fully processed by this evening, I would think.

The only thing to be aware of with UPS is that sometimes Amazon tell them to hold a shipment at Tamworth until they are ready to receive it. Your tracking schedule will therefore look something like this below.



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I hope the posts of @The_Little_Shop and @Retro_Emporium have answered your question.

@The_Little_Shop and @Retro_Emporium thank you!

You can consult also this help page on Tracking Shipment.