Shipment of large item (within the UK) to Amazon Fulfilment Centre


Hi All,
I’m fairly new on Amazon and trying to create my first large item shipment (a built in oven) to an Amazon fulfilment centre.

I’ve opted for the “less than truckload” option in the shipment screen and created the
package/box label and the pallet labels.

Tried to to arrange the shipment on UPS website but unsure of which page and how to set it up.

Package weighs 32 kg and measures 66 x 66 x 66 cm.

Any guidance and advice on large items shipment would be much appreciated.



You can’t ship that to amazon. The maximum weight is 30kg.
And less than a truckload is for pallet shipments and not parcels.


Hi if that is the total size and weight its probably cheaper splitting it into slightly smaller box (upto60cm) and approx 16kg per box and you will pay about £5.50 per box


Hi Neil,
Thanks for you response. It’s a single item, a built-in oven in a box so I guess would have to place it on a pallet.


Hi Peter,
Thanks for you response. It’s a single item, a built-in oven in a box and cannot therefore cannot be split.



No problem, my advice on this one then would be to register for SFP if your just wanting the prime badge - but you may also find offering premium shipping such as 2nd day shipping without SFP is just as good with the likes of this.

My advice is based on what its going to actually cost you, your going to need to ship in via pallet then due to weight and size your going to pay a fare chunk on storage fees.
Then as far as I am aware I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong but as far as I am aware you need to apply and be approved for “Amazon Heavy Large Shipping” this is different to what we would normally use.


Hi Peter,

Thanks for your advice, that was very helpful. I’ll seriously consider SFP or 2nd day shipping. Are there any carriers you would recommend for either option.



We use UPS for just about everything everyone has there preference but they are really good in my opinion my price has come down over time and we get a good price now and we have never had an issue.
I will ping you the email for my account manager at UPS drop her a email no harm in asking.


Many thanks Peter. I’ll look out for your email


Thanks a lot for the account manager details


The maximum weight per unit that you can send to Amazon is 30kg!
There is the heavy and large program, but this is for sending items yourself.
And is an invite only program.

Amazon DO NOT handle weight above this, ever!
Though there may be a test type program in the states I think.

Trust me on this, I sell a LOT of heavy items. :slight_smile:

And if your looking for a courier that will ship items like this, you need to be looking at someone like Furdeco.


@Tumi_s Just as an aside, are you sure that Amazon is the place to sell this?
I sell built in oven/fridges/freezers etc and I hardly ever sell these on Amazon. The market just isn’t there.
Especially for sending in and using FBA. When you consider the storage costs for these kind of items and the likely length of time that they are going to sit around in a warehouse, it’s going to cost a lot to keep it there anyway.

I’d strongly suggest that before you send anything in to Amazon, you go through the seller university and learn some more about it. Study the rate cards etc. Costs are the biggest single falling down point for new sellers.


Hi Neil,

Many thanks for the information.
I’ll contact Furdeco to sort out the logistics as I’m starting off and not eligible for the heavy and large programme.



Hi Peter , Just wondering , if I can have detail of your recommendation & UPS detail because I do have contract with P/Force but price is going up [ NOT down at all] every year [ Last year up by 20% and last month up by again 10% P/Parcel ] .

Regards SMART

NOTE : As I can see Tumi _S is looking very happy with advice


SFP can only ship via RM, DPD and Amazon logistic ; only DPD will handle over 15KG. Plus I thought SFP is invite only.


Your right, DPD will handle over 15kg, but Amazon logistics will also take up to 30kg.
Anything above that, then DPD will take it, at a cost! An awful lot will depend on your contract with them.