Shipment received but didn't be proceeded to fulfillable inventory for one and a half month


We had a shipment that was shipped to LBA2 warehouse on 26 Nov, 2019 and we got the POD from our courier. But till today, 14 Jan, 2020, the shipment status was still not updated and still showed “shipped” instead of " in bound" or “receiving”. And now we don’t know where is my goods.

I opened several cases to ask Amazon help investigate this shipment. Firstly, I provided the POD as requested. But after that they said that we should also provide the purchasing invoice will they be able to continue their investigation. I provided, but another document was required, C88. Then provided, but till now, they asked for another document: Customs declaration in C88 form and barcode confirmation on the shipped units. I don’t think these documentation can help them find our goods. What I can assume that they lost my goods and now ceaselessly asked for one file after another. If I cannot provide, they will not reimburse us.

Does anyone meet this situation before? Can you please help?


The documents they’re requesting are for them to be able to reimburse you for the lost goods, since it is unlikely they’ll turn up.