Shipment then UPS


Does some one ship other then UPS i mean can we sent our shipment through Postal services?


No, Royal Mail is not an approved inbound carrier for FBA, but Parcelforce is. You can use a range of other couriers, but UPS will practically always work out cheaper unless you’re sending in excess of about 250kg to a single FC, in which case sending on pallets will probably be cheaper.


I appreciate your answer but the problem i was facing with UPS, they were not accepting my tracking no. so i choose other carrier services. Parcel force will have given different tracking no . Where do I mention this tracking no ?


Can you give us more info?


I first register with ups then I try to create my shipment plan, when I put tracking no which was provide by Amazon in the UPS website Their was red colour ! mark showing that not taking me to forward . Does this make sense ? this is my first shipment. Never did this before


You dont have to register with UPS.
You can drop shipment off at a UPS access point,there are 100’s of them, rather than wait for it to be collected.
enter your postcode on this page it will show your nearest place to drop your box’s off.


But what do i do now i already ship through parcel force i guess


Nothing as you have already shipped using another courier.


Ok Thanks, Hope for the best


Next time, create the shipment through Amazon, print the UPS label and stick it to your parcel then:


FBA shipments always need to be sent using a courier, not the regular postal service.

Otherwise, the choice of the carrier is up to you, however Amazon will only reimburse you for items lost or damaged while being shipped to an Amazon fulfilment centre using Amazon partnered carriers (small parcel, less than truckload, and full truckload).