Shipments To Germany (Czech Republic & Poland Query)


We are about to send our first shipment to Germany but confused with the multi-country settings.

We know Amazon can hold inventory in Poland and the Czech Republic to serve customers in East Germany. We aren’t VAT registered in these countries so couldn’t send or have our inventory moved to fulfilment centres in these countries.

My question is, when you edit the “Cross-Border Fulfilment” Settings to include Germany or via “Manage FBA Inventory” are you automatically giving the green light to store in Poland or the Czech Republic as well?

We can’t find any setting which gives us the option to opt in or out?

Any help would be appreciated.



This happens when you opt into the PAN-European FBA Program, which means that your inventory may be stored in seven countries:

”When you enable Pan-European FBA, you agree to the Pan-European FBA Programme Policy and the Multi-Country Inventory (MCI) terms and conditions for storing inventory in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, and the Czech Republic. MCI will be enabled in your Fulfilment by Amazon settings automatically for all aforementioned countries. You cannot deselect any country/region in your MCI settings while you have Pan-European FBA enabled.”

”Important: Storing units in a country/region outside your home-marketplace country will trigger additional VAT registration and reporting obligations for your business, as well as Intrastat and other reporting requirements. You will be responsible for the collection and payment of your taxes and the filing of all relevant returns where required.”