Shipped inventory to DE FBA, but listings in other marketplaces was converted also as FBA inventory



Currently I sell products over all 5 EU marketplaces and ship them from other (home) country.
Recently received German VAT and made first shipment to DE FBA.
I noticed that same listings in other marketplaces was automatically converted as FBA inventory.
Is this means that my inventory will be spread and stored to other countries FBA…? Or maybe it will be visible as “prime” in other marketplaces but shipped only from Germany based warehouse?
As long as I have only German VAT, I don’t want my inventory to be stored in any other country. I also never enabled Pan-FBA.


As long as you have not enabled PanEU, if the inventory is linked then they will be sold FBA on the other sites.
You must have set this up in order for it to happen.
If you don’t want to sell on the other sites, then you need to disable the link and/or close the listings on the other sites. (Holiday mode works as well).

But as long as you are not storing the stock in any other countries (or exceed the distance selling threshold), you are not liable for VAT in them.