Shipping address name missing and buyer surname missing... Unable to ship RM signed for with no name


Hi all, apologies if this has been covered but can’t seem to find any info.

Had an order through in the last hour where the shipping address name and the buyer surname is missing. Due to the value I send everything out using RM signed for so need the customer signature on delivery.

Any suggestions or should I just cancel this order along with all others that come through (I get quite a few business customers with the same name problem), as I’m not prepared to ship as normal post without a signature and take the “hit” money wise for INR’s.

I appreciate canceling orders will inevitably lead to a suspension but after so many changes recently, and from my view engineered to drive away FBM sellers from Amazon, I seem to have lost the will to carry on, especially after this last ridiculous change.

Tried the Amazon chat but they are now open 8am till 8pm… Grrrr

Thank you in anticipation of your replies.


If you buy your postage through Amazon, the address should be printed for you on the labels


Thanks but avoiding using Amazon shipping as I don’t want to get sucked into their system any further than I have to, and I prefer to be in control.

Sadly, I think Amazon is slowly but surely taking control of all seller businesses and long term we will just become suppliers to them whilst taking all the financial risks.


If the name and address are missing make sure it is not cancelled already by Amazon.


Hi, address is there just no contact name. Have the same with company orders, they put the company name but again no contact name (used to use the buyer name).


Even if there is no name of a specific recipient, someone will sign for the package at the address.

I am often getting incomplete addresses and there are rarely any issues.


Thanks Kika, problem there though is there is no accountability and can easily lead to undefendable INR’s, especially with large businesses. Single items are a concern but it’s worse when there are multiple items which can be £100’s. Sadly, I just can’t take that risk.

As customers of Amazon, they have a duty of care towards its sellers. When a “contract” is created between the buyer and seller any normal institution would ensure the complete information is made available to both parties, however, this is no longer the case.

I guess this leaves the seller with two options; Based on the level of risk decide whether to continue or withdraw. Sadly, for me I think it will be the later, which is a great shame after so many years successfully trading on the platform.


Hi, yep I agree however, when it comes to Amazon and defending an A2Z they do require a signature of the recipient. I realise this is not always the case as it could be signed by others at the address, but the package has an intended end customer. By that I mean it can be further sent directly to them internally. Without it it could end up on an unknown shelf or department gathering dust, or worse opened by anyone wondering what it is and what to do with it whilst the customer has no knowledge of it arriving so files an INR.

The same does apply to domestic customers in that if there is no recipient name, there can never be any proof they have actually received it, even with a signature.

Seems to me Amazon is fast becoming a “get free stuff here” site and there will be no recourse whatsoever by the sellers.

In the 20 years or so I have been in business I think there has only been two successful claims for INR’s, this has been down to careful management of orders shipped to ensure correct delivery.


But you aren’t using Amazon shipping when you buy delivery through your Amazon account, you are paying for Royal Mail delivery, the cost just comes out of your Amazon seller account balance.


Thanks for the reply. Must admit it’s not something I’ve looked into fully but have no wish to either.

As we sell via multiple platforms all orders are processed the same way so deviating to Amazon shipping (by that I mean purchasing via Amazon) for Amazon orders would inevitably lead to confusion and mistakes. There really is no reason to change this as it has always been successful the way it is.


Do you have a Royal Mail business account? Click and Drop or OBA? If not, how do you normally process your mail?


Hi, thanks for the info and haven’t seen it before. “If the signature does or doesn’t match the buyers name”… There is no buyers name though so the package becomes solely reliant on the delivery address which is not mentioned in the paragraph.

“If an investigation determines that the customer did not receive the order due to a shipping error beyond his or her control, the merchant may be held liable”. In this case the customer has provided the information, however, Amazon has withheld it leaving the seller wide open to claims.


I thought I had the same problem this morning (and will probably have in future).

However if you’ve sent them a message for extra information, check the copy of the message Amazon send to your own email address.

In that for me it shows the buyers full name…

Here is a copy of the e-mail that you sent to joe bloggs
Order ID 123-123456-789012: " changed to protect the innocent

(does not show it in the message folder in seller account just an initial)

Will depend on if they’ve used there full (or a real not nickname) as their buyers name.


Thank for that, will give it a go.

After a lengthy chat with Seller Support this was the information given:

As per new policy “In order to further protect our customers’ personal information, this page will not display the buyer’s name or shipping address.”

It seems the only way to gain this information is to use buyer messaging for more info, to create an order report which does show the info (albeit a long winded way to find it), or to use Amazon shipping. None of this however adds the information to the delivery note.

All of this to gain a customer name for shipment… #bonkers

Imagine doing this for 40/50 orders a day…

Pulls hair out (what’s left of it) in frustration!


I must be seeing something different I guess? When I click on the order in seller central I still see the full Ship To: Name, address and telephone number.


Same here (Redacted screenshot attached), I’m just assuming this affect some sellers and not all. Yet.!


Same here the only change I have now is the buyers name apart from the first initial is hidden. So for example full address and phone number of recipient , say Christopher but for the buyer I see C and thats it.

Another example of stupidy by Amazon , what on earth is the point of hiding the buyers name when you see it in the delivery address ? Even if the buyers name is differant whats the point of hiding it as its simply a name with no address ?


Amazon does have a new policy of hiding the buyer name for FBM orders and of also hiding part of the address for FBA orders but I’m not sure that’s the issue you have. It sounds as though in your case, the buyer simply didn’t add the name of a recipient to the shipping address. As others have said, it is fine to send an item just to an address without a named recipient. If you want to see the full name of the buyer, assuming they supplied their full name in the first place, this is still visible on order reports, which can be downloaded and viewed in a spreadsheet.


Sadly you are correct Monty they are trying to take over all the couriers including Royal Mail for the past few years. Amazon Shipping is also very poor what they dont tell you is they dont even ship to certain areas. Amazon will inevatebly in a few years stop the marketplace model and force all vendors/sellers to become suppliers/fba direct to Amazon only cutting out all profit, whatever is left for us and killing the economy further. Thank you UK government! :frowning:


The issue is really where customers “don’t” enter their name in the delivery address. , not that an address is not visible at all.
ie. The address is there but they’ve put a building number/name or company as the first line of address instead of the recipient.

Previously if they never got back to you with a recipients name you could just use the buyers name showing,as 9 times out of 10 will be an order for themselves. As this is now removed to either a first name , a letter, or a Miss/Mr etc that is not a possibility unless you get the name from the email copy after you’ve messaged them (as mentioned earlier).

Re: sending without a name, or with a nickname etc. This issue came up again at the sorting office when dropping of items yesterday. At the customer service point if someone comes to collect a package and there is no name or if they’ve had addressed to a nickname (or ebay name etc), as someone was trying to get package where a card had been left. They could not hand the package over as they couldn’t prove identity with official papers/documents, they could only prove/match the address. Only option offered was to have sent back out for delivery (where anyone at the address can accept the package) much to dismay of person trying to retrieve as she works all day and would not be in to accept. She was told they can either re-send out or return to sender. Guys behind counter say it’s a huge issue particularly from ebay parcels where they have an ebay username as the recipient. So if customer is going to be in to accept fine, if they need to collect problem.