Shipping Box Oversized


I have a performance alert on my account for shipping in an oversized box.

The box is 60cm x 60 cm x 60 cm and weighed 10kg.

I followed the " Small parcel delivery to Amazon" guidelines and the “Shipping and routing requirements” on both of these pages linked below, it states “Carton dimensions should not exceed 63.5 cm on any side, unless the dimension of a single deliverable unit exceeds 63.5 cm in itself”

As far as I can tell I am allowed to ship boxes this size, I also inputted the dimensions before shipping. However the alert states the following: " Standard-Size includes any packaged unit weighing 12 kg or less or with dimensions of 45 cm or less on its longest side, 35 cm or less on its median side and 20 cm or less on its shortest side. A unit exceeding any of these dimensions is Oversize."

For more information, please refer to the Shipping and Routing Requirements"

I am confused as I can’t find these restrictions any where but in the alert, according to all the information I see boxes of 60cm x 60cm x 60cm are allowed.

If anybody has any information on this I would appreciate it.


Does the box contain 1 item or a number of items,if 1 then its an oversize item.


No the items are small (16cm x 12cm x 9cm)

They are not saying the items are oversized they are saying the shipping box is oversized.


I can only suggest that you raise a case and query it.
Unless they have amended the rules and not updated the policy (Which happens quite regularly), there is obviously something wrong.


Some FCs seem to think the limit is 60cm so sometimes give alerts when it’s not necessary. Appeal it and ask for the images.


Amazon have said this was a mistake and removed the performance alert from my account.