Shipping Chargebacks and Other Amazon Costs


Hi All - I hope that someone can help, with the following two issues:


I have just realised that my management software has been including FBA shipping income as part of my income (which I believe is the correct way to do it) but not recording the SHIPPING CHARGEBACKS as a cost - I have therefore been underdeclaring my true costs

Is there a way I can download a report on “Shipping Chargebacks” so I can include them in my current accounts submission and hopefully make an adjustment for previous years?


To record Amazon charges in my accounts I have printed out and added up the Invoices that are saved for both “Merchant VAT Invoice” and “Fulfillment by Amazon Tax Invoice” but I was wondering whether the “Fulfillment by Amazon Tax Invoice” includes ALL FBA costs - for example are all the charges for sending goods to fulfillment centres by UPS included in this invoice or are there other costs/chargebacks not reflected in these invoices?

If so how do I get a record of these?

I really hope someone can help me



Push. Anyone knows where to find Shipping Chargebacks or which report includes this data?

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