Shipping directly to Amazon Fulfilment Centre



Does anyone know if I am able to send ship my products directly from China to an Amazon Fulfilment Centre?

I’ve heard you can ship from China to your home address (which is in the UK) but id prefer if my shipment went straight into the Amazon warehouse as its a lot less stress and chances things could go wrong.

Please let me know how I’m able to do obtain the specific fulfilment centre address to give to my supplier, if this is possible.

Much Appreciated.


You just create a shipment and it will give you the address


Disagree with this I’m afraid…could potentially cause a lot more stress.

If you’re shipping direct, who’s doing the QC and who’s making sure that labelling etc is all being done correctly? Especially on the first shipment.


Yeah that could be a potential issue. My supplier has agreed to apply all the necessary labels onto the packaging. I could ask her to confirm everything she has done before she sends the shipment out, just to finalize and make sure everything is correct. Other than the labelling, what other potential issues could arise by sending my shipment directly to Amazon without checking it first myself?


They could send the wrong item by mistake, it could not be the quality you were expecting, you might not have adequate storage space allocation for it.

What is it may I ask? Do you have all the relevant safety certificates and documentation if required?


My item isn’t very big. I have ordered samples before to check the quality of the product and packaging. Amazon would allocate the necessary amount of storage for me wouldn’t they, as when I create the shipment as they ask for all the dimensions and weights etc. Yes I can get the safety certificates and documentation.
Also just to double check, how many labels do I need to put on the packaging? As far as I am aware, I need a UPC and FNSKU label per individual item, and then an Amazon FBA label on each side of the large box (containing all the individual units). My shipment will be under the maximum weight allowance and dimensions. Is there anything I’m missing?


No they will allocated you a maximum amount of space, and a maximum amount of items you can send in a shipment, this can be low at the start and grows as you sell items and you utilise your space efficiently.

You need the UPC or the FNSKU not both, if applying a FNSKU you need to cover the UPC.

This is all covered in seller university though, which I suggest you watch to make sure there are no other packaging issues you need to take care of (such as additional packing, or suffocation warnings etc)


Someone posted very recently that their supplier had sent the shipment to Amazon but forgot to include one of the parts. A potentially very costly mistake, but more generally i suppose the main worry is quality control - you might just want to check that the sample was representative of the shipped product.


And how do you know that they are authentic? The onus is on you, the importer and retailer to ensure that all legal requirements have been met.

As a word of warning, if you’re buying from Alibaba’s Den Of Forty Thieves then be really careful, as the den has it’s fair share of vipers!


Appreciate the advise guys. I am still confused about my original question though. I have watched all the videos about this in sellers university but still don’t know if I can ship directly to amazon without shipping to my home address. I was creating a shipment and a box pops up about using an amazon partnered carrier which will pick my shipment up at a desired location and time??

Do I just ignore this and will I just receive the fulfillment address at the end of the shipment creation, which I then email over to my supplier?


You receive the delivery address in step two of the send to Amazon workflow.


Are you sending on Pallets?


Presumably you have a full set of commercial docs, including relevant import information?

If so, you can follow the workflow as mentioned above, and simply select non parterned carrier. This will allow you to print address labels that you can send to your supplier to affix to the boxes.

Also, how will they be shipped to the UK, and will your partnered carrier handle customs clearance for you too? Or are they being delivered DDP by your supplier?


Thanks, and no I haven’t got pallets, I’ve got 4 cartons which contain my individual units within them.


check the capacity manager on shipments tab for your storage availability


It will be DDP.


have you created the listing on amazon yet to check you can sell it ?


Yes I have created the listing around 2 weeks ago. As I have no stock yet it just comes under the status “inactive”. Also I did ask for the amazon support team to check my listing to see if there are any issues but they don’t seem to have any answer, I also put it through for a Hazmat check but nothing came back. So I’m presuming everything is fine??


Whats the asin ?


I’ve sorted out the shipping address thankfully. So I can finally get on with sending my shipment to amazon. One thing I was wondering though, the “ship date” question I don’t understand. It asks me the date a carrier will pick my shipment up, but I will be sending it directly to the address they have given me? so why would I need a carrier or a ship date?


Also if I’m sending directly to the address amazon has given me (which I’m presuming is the fulfilment address), would I need to book a time and date slot for them to accept my shipment from China? How would I be about doing that?