Shipping from UK to EU countries - UK FBA


Hi There,

I am about to ship my first product to UK Fullfilment Center. I will be using FBA and my inventory is going to be stored in UK only. I have not registered for Pan-European-FBA, only EFN - Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and Sweden.

If someone from Sweden buys my product from my listing - will I need to cover the extra delivery charges? If so, is there anyway I can mark up the prices for the EU countries to cover postage?

Also, when I click on edit my listing, I can see under the

“Offer tab > Scroll down > Manage offers in other marketplaces”

I can see listed countries are also showing with an option to click “Sell in Germany” for example. If I opted for that option, does that a mean a user in germany could buy my item from and then I will basically get charged a much higher price because they bought the item from but item is in UK?

If that is the case, I prefer not to do that and leave the option as it is.

My final question is are customers able to see my product if I am listed on - and lets say they are browsing on



It doesn’t really make any difference to you where the customer buying on the uk site lives. You need to have enabled export to their country in your account settings for them to be able to buy it, but it doesn’t affect what you earn.

Amazon charges the customer for postage, credits you with that amount, but then takes it back in fees, so you end up with the same amount.

If you list items on any of the European sites, the fees go up enormously. You just have to charge enough to cover them. Your listings will disappear by the end of the year because of Brexit unless you send stock to somewhere on mainland Europe.

Nobody in Germany will see your listing on the German website unless you list it there.


Hi Inner_Peace_Music1,

Thank you for your awesome reply.

What do you mean by “Your listings will disappear by the end of the year because of Brexit unless you send stock to somewhere on mainland Europe?”

The listing will still be available in UK right? Just means buyers from EU will not be able to purchase the item from the site?

If that is the case, I might need to stock some items in France for example and then deal with VAT there as well.



Depends on whether you have your shipping settings set to include EU countries, but the likelihood is that the customer will have to pay customs duties and VAT when the goods arrive, which will add considerably to the total price and may come as a shock when they get the bill


Yes, I just meant that FBA listings for UK sellers on the mainland European sites will become inactive unless the sellers send stock to somewhere in Europe.

It’s my understanding that listings on the UK site won’t be affected and customers in other countries will continue to be able to buy from that site, as at present.

I assume that any cost implications will become clearer nearer the time when we know if there’s a trade deal and/or whether Amazon are changing their fees.


Thank you for the information, appreciate it very much.