Shipping Inventory to Small and Light with existing barcode


We have been using FBA for a long time, but a lot of our items are small and light so they fit the criteria to convert to small and light.
Earlier in the year we sent some items to small and light, but they came back because they had an FBA standard barcode on each item (which we used for standard FBA).
Our question is, do we have to go through all our inventory and remove the FBA barcode (which is added at manufacture and would take a long time), or is there a way around this?
It is my understanding that small and light items do not need to be individually labelled, so why should it matter if there is an existing barcode on them?
Look forward to any advice.


SNL need FNSKU labels either you do it or you select “Amazon Prepares” at create shipment stage & Amazon label them at the FC.