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I’am selling in all the european marketplaces, and I have added 10£ on each shipment pr. item no matter how many they buy or where it is to shipped to.

But most of the orders I get, people have paid the amount they should for the product, but somehow they aren’t paying shipping. When I try to enter my product-page myself on either of those countires/marketplaces I sell at, the shipping is there - how do I make this shipping stationary so it won’t disappear? I don’t want to pay everything of the shipping for the customer.

Under settings - Shipping, there is added 10£ to all the spots available…

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You need to set shipping costs on each marketplace. Your shipping settings on have no impact on purchases made on for example.

So in seller central change your marketplace, and then set the shipping cost for domestic shipping for that marketplace, it will act as the shipping cost the customer will pay from the UK.


for EU platforms it has to be set to Euros, not GBP - so either you have not set it individually for shipping in each platform or you have put in GBP instead of Euros.

BIG NOTE - EU platforms require the use of the comma, i.e. 5,99 eur and not the Full Stop as used for £ as in £5.99


Hi Peter,

I’ve done that already, there is shipping on all marketplaces :frowning:
Just got another order today, no shipping added…


So you have set shipping on Amazon France as EUR12 or whatever?

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