Shipping plan - individual or case-packed?


Hi, hoping someone might be able to help.

We are preparing a shipping plan and can’t work out if we should select individual or case-packed as package type.

We are shipping multiple units of three different products. Two of those products come in four colours, so they have multiple SKUs. They will be sold as individual units.

Does anyone know if that is individual or case-packed? Thanks!


Does this Seller University video help?

There are a whole host of such videos available in Seller University at the foot of seller central or via this link


Case packed is a box of identical items with one sku.


Generally speaking, it doesn’t really matter which you use.
Case packed, is ABC X items in the case.
The alternative, is a X 1 item and b X 4 different items.

I generally choose in individual, even when sending cases of items.
It gives the flexibility to change packing during the process. Where using case packed, if you have that odd one or two items that you want to send, you cannot just add them on.