Shipping to Amazon - individually unboxed, so do Amazon box?


Hi, I feel this is a basic question, but can’t seem to find an answer

If a case of individual labelled SKUs is shipped to Amazon, but those SKUs are not individually boxed but quite durable anyway i.e. don’t need protective packaging apart from say a poly bag (to save space in the case) - when someone orders will Amazon take one out, box it and ship it?
I’m guessing they would, since when I buy any item it has the Amazon logo on it. The cost of the box essentially covered by the FBA fee (I think I’m answering my own question here :blush:)

However, if the unit is in several parts - such as wheelbarrow example where it can be stacked neatly if wheels are seperated then this would not be acceptable to Amazon - seller would need to keep everything together in one unit? (even if it does take up more space in the warehouse)

So if a seller is shipping in wheelbarrows then options are: assemble the packages themselves (or via 3rd party) or ask Amazon to group?


Your individual items don’t stay in the large box you send or even together. They will be stored in multiple locations within the same warehouse but likely some will also be sent to other warehouses too (Fulfillment Centres).

You cannot send individual parts of the same item separately. So you can’t ask Amazon to group the items.


Thanks Demel,

So if I organise the shipping of the cases to suit the multiple locations/quantities as per Amazon requirements but there are still multiple items in the case? Amazon will still take them out the case when required (I think I read max limit is either 15 or 25)