Shipping to the UK from Ireland for FBA-


Hi There,

I was hoping some Irish FBA sellers could help here! I am currently trying to source some products from UK wholesalers so sell through FBA. In order to do this I need to find wholesalers who will firstly ship to Ireland and secondly ship at a reasonable rate where the costs would make sense.

Can anyone advise on couriers who would process a shipment if the wholesaler was to ship to them and then for them to ship to Ireland in the case the wholesaler won’t ship to Ireland? …

And also the best courier to ship back to the UK fulfilment centre? I have been using DPD at 19 euro up to 20kg but they have been awful to deal with. UPS are looking at close to 50 euro for up 20kg which kills margins.

Any feedback or advice would be much appreciated!


You maybe cheaper looking at uk prep centres

You will need uk vat registration first storing in uk fba warehouses


Are you NI or Eire?

If NI, then vat isn’t an issue.
But the cost of shipping to you, then shipping back to FBA would pretty much kill most, if not all profit.
As @The_Little_Shop advised, you would be far better looking at a prep center.


I am in Eire! Ok thank you, could you recommend a fulfilment centre?


There is also the possibility of some wholesalers sending directly to FBA if you ask them and trust them.

Assuming that everything has manufacturer barcodes on them and you know exactly what is in each box it might well be possible to be done. All the wholesaler would need to do is ship the item to FBA for you using their courier (assuming it is one of the FBA approved courier) and put on your FBA label.

I work less and less with wholesalers now and more with suppliers but when I have worked with them in past then a lot are often helpful and will do things like this if you ask.


If so, then you need to sort out VAT registration if haven’t already.
You cannot have any stock in the UK without it.

As to a prep center, I can’t recommend one, but there are many. You need to start making phone calls and working out which one, will fit you best.