Hi everyone,

I was wondering if you can check on Amazon seller central when a product will be delivered to the customer and if the customer received the product.

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Do you mean an FBA sale? Or an FBM?

The customer can check themselves if it’s FBA, though I have no idea if it’s possible to look yourself. But frankly, I can’t think of a reason why I would want to.

If it’s FBM and you have used a tracked service, then you just need to check the tracking.



Its FBA. Id like to know if the client and when the client received the product



Amazon should send you shipping confirmation emails - unless you opt out
They have the tracking numbers on


Fantastic, thanks!


In which tab can I track the order?



You’d need to track it through the external tracking site of the courier

Just a heads up though, amazon should deal with all order related issues including shipping issues and review requests etc