Shipping Via business Post/ DHL


Hi there, I was wondering any of you can help… I currently have 4 tracking numbers coming up as invalid… Obviously this has affected my ability to offer premium shipping e.g one or two day service.

Can any of you advise me on how to get Amazon system to recognise them, although the item have been delivered Amazon classes these tracking numbers as invalid. The tracking are DHL tracking numbers and supplier who delivers them uses Business post which I believe is part of DHL. I have tried changing these tracking numbers to Business Post however Business post isn’t listed.


Is it for SFP? Or just MFN


Sorry I am not familiar with all those terms… I understood your question, yes it’s seller fulfilled.


So as long as the courier is recognised by amazon and the item has a valid tracking.

To see a list of valid couriers go into a pending order and click confirm shipment and just look through the drop down and it will give you a long list, as long as your using one of these and updating the tracking number through intergration with your system or inputing manually your fine.
If your using a courier not listed this will affect your metrics as it will if your not shipping on time.


The tracking number can be tracked on DHL website however for some reasons the system does not recognise it as they are many DHL options… Such as DHL, and DHL eCommerce… I believe the error is around the second box which states “delivery service” I don’t know if it’s economy or just leave it blank.


Depending what account you have with DHL will be the one you enter I am going to guess you have an account with DHL and your getting next day rates between 4.5-5.50 which will probably be DHL ecomm so you should select this one then enter tracking in amazon to confirm shipment - you need to double check what your account is with DHL it will show when you log into my account section on DHL.


We had the same issue, I assume it is DHL (was UK Mail) and Amazon do not seem to track them. They only seem to track JJD style numbers of DHL.

Even though UK Mail used to be on the list as acceptable, so it is madness! - I raised with Amazon SS a number of times and got nowhere. I pointed out DHL was approved, so why not accept all parcel numbers (even tried showing as Other and UK Mail and that did not work).

You cannot use for DHL for Premium Shipping basically as far as I can see, unless using DHL with JJD numbers. I got caught out on it as well a long time ago, and it looks like Amazon still not fixed it from what you are saying.

Maybe the mods or others can assist, as SS are useless as always


Yes that is correct it’s UK Mail (Business post) it looks like there is no answer to this.


I would suggest that you contact your DHL Account Manager, see if they have an answer, as they must be losing lots of contracts over this issue.

Maybe MD at Amazon email as well?