Should I use variations or separate listings?



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I sell a product with 16 variations (4 x sizes, 4 x colours). I run PPC but for a Sponsored Product campaign, my understanding is that it will only ever show one of my child products at a time. If I split the product into 4 listings (i.e. a separate listing for each colour), then am I right that I could get more exposure with more Sponsored Product results?

Has anyone tried this or have any recommendations for/against doing this? I realise the downside is I will have fewer reviews per listing as they will be split.

Is it easy to split the current product up into separate products? Is it easy to re-combine them if I decide it didn’t work and I want to revert?

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No, PPC can show any of the variations you want to promote.


Yeh it can show any of the 16, but only one at any time.


No, I have multiple variations sponsored and showing up.


Hmm that doesn’t happen for me. I have multiple variations showing, but only one is Sponsored, the rest are organic results. I have a Sponsored Display banner campaign and a Sponsored Brand Video campaign, so it is possible for me to see my product 3 times: once in Sponsored Product, once in Sponsored Brand Banner and once in Sponsored Brand Video. But within any single Sponsored Product campaign, I never see multiple of my variations each with a sponsored product ad. I don’t understand how you are able to get this. Can you show me a screenshot?

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