Signed For package 'refused' by customer


I have just been returned a quite expensive book that was sent to the UK customer by Royal Mail 1st Class Signed For - it cost £4.70 (plus packaging) to send the book.

The Royal Mail sticker on the returned book. in the original packaging, has a tick in the box ‘Refused’.

Where do I stand?

Should I just refund the original cost of the book, minus the outbound postage?

As it stands, I am over £5.00 out of pocket. If the customer still wants the book - how do I get the cost of the additional P&P?




Cannot imagine they would still want it if they have refused delivery ?!

You will need to refund the total price the customer paid for the book including postage they were charged.
I am assuming they paid £2.80 for shipping - Amazon’s default shipping charge for books ? (unless you set your own shipping charge ?) - but you chose to send via signed for due to the value of the book.
If so then you have to take the loss as they did not pay for enhanced shipping.


Yes - I have been caught out a couple of times with higher value books that the customer pays for ‘standard’ 1st class post, chases for tracking info a day after dispatch, then claims non-delivery - so I learned my lesson there - this is the first time though that I have ever had a ‘refused delivery’ - it doesn’t make sense - and they haven’t contacted me, which is pretty odd.


Unless you are on the Pro. Selling Plan (Pay £30 a month fee) then all book sales will have the default £2.80 shipping charge to the customer.

They maybe just decided after ordering that they didn’t want it, and thought the easiest way, rather than opening a return request, was to just refuse delivery and return to sender, which is what has happened, at no cost to you or them.
If they had opened a return request you would have probably ended up footing the bill for the cost of the return postage too, so you’ve maybe got off lightly !