Signed up as Private seller, but want to change to Business



I signed up as a Individual seller following advise that it could be changed to a Sole trader/limited company later on.

I see this is not the case. I contacted seller support and they said that I could close this account and reopen a new one under the business details. I am worried about doing this as Ive read people having issue getting a new account after closing an account and that it can take a long time. Looking for advise, should I continue on this account in till i hit the disbursement limit, Will amazon let me change to sole trader then?



Definitely don’t do this. I’m sure someone more knowledgeable than me will be along shortly to tell you the correct way to proceed however the advice given by seller support will most likely get both accounts suspended.


Ok thank you so much for your reply. I thought that too


Definitely don’t do this but instead update your account details and go through a new verification.

If you have any questions about changing your legal entity, e-mail .

Also, here you can upgrade your current selling plan into Professional:


Thanks for your reply. However there is no option to update account details in my account information


I already have a professional selling account


That’s why you should e-mail the address which I already provided to you earlier and request Amazon to enable the “Edit” function for you.

Here you can manage your business information:


You can be an individual (private) seller and have a professional selling plan (paying £30 month) these are just the selling plans, not your registered status individual -v- business.

If you opened your account as an individual, then need to upgrade to sole trader, company etc., which you can do from your Account settings, Seller Account Info, Your Services and Manage…all the info will be there and option to upgrade, which will trigger verification for further info, so read the help section first.


Hello Pink Panther

Thanks for your reply. I looked into changing this in Account settings, Identity information, but I don’t get a option to change it.

There must be a lot of people that sign up as private seller then need to change to business seller


To the left of your ‘identity info’ don’t you have boxes headed ‘Account Status’, Listing Status’, then Your Services (Manage) which is where I think you need to make the change?


You will need to e-mail and request them to enable the option to update your business entity for you, as I already mentioned in my previous posts.


In Account Status’, Listing Status’, then Your Services (Manage) I just get a list of everything I signed up for, no option to change anything unfortunately


Yes I going to email them. Thank you for providing their email address


I went through this process myself. I had to email Amazon and they made the change. I had a call from them telling me my account would be suspended while I went through verification.

I would make sure you have all the documents Amazon will ask for before you email them. You don’t want to be waiting on a document to arrive from HMRC etc while suspended.


Hello Provoca

how long where you suspended for?



I was only suspended for a day or two while they reviewed the documents I sent them.

There has been others on the forum who said they were still able to sell during the process, their account was just showing as under review.


Ok thanks. Can I ask did you have your business set up before you signed up to sell on amazon? I don’t know if it would cause problems is if the business was set up not long after signing up


I went through a business entity and account ownership change myself so I can tell that it took several weeks and the store was suspended during the time. Be prepared for a potential lengthy suspension.


Did amazon request you change it after hitting the disbursement limit?


I originally set my account before I was a business and then changed it when I became a sole trader. I requested the change before I hit the limit.

I got all the documents I thought Amazon would ask me for and then requested the change.