Signing in, "keep me signed in"


Why has Amazon removed the “keep me signed in” check box after it forces you to sign in with the OTP?

It used to be
Log in details, check the keep me signed in button,

we require the code, I click “didn’t receive code” so that it then offers me the chance to have a text sent. So I get a code sent, which is a proper pain in the backside as we have little to zero mobile signal here; where it asks for the code to be entered, there used to be another check box to “keep me signed in”, which would keep me signed in until I ran a clean up on the pc, once every few weeks.

With this check box no longer there, I’m having to sign in at least twice a day which is a bore… Yes it’s only a code but when I have to go waving my phone about in the car park for a signal, only for it to then time out… grr.



Worth downloading and synching the “Authy” App, Mighty Bright. Its just a little quicker than the steps to get a text.


oh, thats disappointing! Thank you.

I’ve used the two step authentication for a long time but since they removed the local mobile mast, our mobile signal is crap, with amazon removing the ‘stay signed in’ check box where we put in the otp code, I have to keep signing in. It’s there on the first part of log in but not after you enter the code.


The Google Authenticator app is worth having. Use it for all sorts of sites, including here.


I’ll look into it, thank you.

I gave up with these apps a good while back as there seemed to be so many of them for different things, but guess I’ll need to take another look.

Find it annoying as I very nearly didn’t bother upgrading my last broken phone, I was tempted to just get a non-smart phone and do away with all the tech. Needing to authenticate stuff is forcing me to keep one!


ok, google authenticator app set up, thank you.

I notice in my login settings, it says “you have 50 devices where OTP is suppressed”, How many?! I don’t want to activate the ‘on all devices’ thing as wife often works on things from home, is there a way to see these 50 devices and remove them?


You can actually get around this, as I’ve just found out.
Clear your cookies in the browser and when you sign back in, it will give you the option to choose to stay signed in.