Six months in Pending


What a disgrace!
Six months in Pending Germany (which I no longer use for sales)
Now I received “Support’s” latest message. See Below.
Even the “How did we do” link doesn’t work.
Come on guys! You must be able to do better than this.

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,
We understand your concern regarding Order ID ******************* being in pending status.
We realise that this can impact the business, and we sincerely empathise with you.
Further, we regret to inform you that Selling Partner Support is unable to cancel pending Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) orders.
We understand that this is not the outcome you were expecting, and we apologise for the inconvenience caused.
We appreciate your understanding of our process and policies.
For more information on how to manage FBA orders, please refer the following Help pages:




You do realise, that it could simply be that the buyer keeps trying to charge their card and it keeps failing.
So it’s not necessarily an Amazon issue.

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