SKU missing from shipment


We sent a shipment to MAN2 on Monday containing two SKU’s, 300 of each.
The first SKU was fully received on Tuesday but two days later the other SKU is still showing out of stock with zero itmes in reserve. The shipment still has the status “receiving”.

I have sent hundreds of shipments over the years with multiple SKU’s but I have not had this situation before where one particular SKU has not gone into reserve, days after receiving. It is almost as if the SKU was missing from the shipment.

What would be my best course of action to find out where the missing SKU is?



If its only a couple of days old there is nothing to be done. There may have been an issue with the dimensions, the packaging material, the storage of where the item is due to go to - a whole host of different possibilities.


Thanks. At what point would you contact Amazon about this?


On the shipment, go to the reconcile tab. That will tell you when the shipment can be investigated. This is 14days after the last movement/work on it.