Small and Light Account Manager


We want to register for SNL FBA but we are struggling to get in contact with a partner manager from the relevant team as we need to discuss a few issues we are having.

We have emailed managers who reached out to us previously to register for FBA but to no avail.

What is the best way to initiate contact with them?


Most are not account managers they just sell you fba then disappear because they’ve done their bit getting you to sign up. You’ll likely get way more help asking the questions on here tbh


Put your issues here the forum members are far more knowledgeable than any Account Manager or CS.


The forum members are a fountain of valuable knowledge, that I do agree with!


We have enrolled our first SKU, what is the next stage from here as we have NOT received the email AMZ said we would illustrating next steps?


sorry i don’t understand - do you mean how do you send it to amazon ?
if so, go to the seller university pages and search for fba shipments