Small and Light FBA Fees Price Hikes


Are we talking S&L here? Also I only really send the smallest items (65p fee atm). Mine have not had the Prime badge for so so long now and items right now are showing delivery of Monday 23rd. It doesn’t change when i try alternative postcodes.


yes i’m a small and light only seller

do you have Prime Membership ?


OK thanks I will check that.


Strange. I’m not sure why mine are so long at the moment. Was seeing one or two day delivery during the strikes and now it’s almost a week delivery.


By being priced out of the market, I mean comparing to offline retailers when it comes to selling small low priced items.


No. As mentioned I will check on another persons account who is. Thank you :slight_smile:


If your fba offer has won the buy box and you are using the same asin for both fba and fbm, that may be one of the reason why.


Especially as they are now apparently in a loss so will up prices to try turn the company profitable again even thought the delivery performance has been terrible lately.


You can look at it that way, but you can also look at it as Amazon recognising that it’s expensive to have stock returned to then sell on through other means, particularly if they’ve split your stock through multiple fulfilment centres, so a lot of people will simply have to accept paying the storage fees regardless.

Sales, in terms or raw numbers across all categories, are going to be lower in a time of economic struggle, so not only should the average storage time be expected to be longer but the rate at which people need to send in stock should also be lower. As such it’s seems impossible to believe that this is now a higher priority than it was before.


Is the extended delivery times for s&l been contributed by both it being xmas which is busier than normal and also due to royal mail strikes that was happening as amazon sends a lot of their s&l items using royal mail.


They did, but they’ve also sent a lot by Evri and their own service during the strike periods. Had an S&L we bought delivered yesterday which was Amazon Logistics and two earlier in the week were both Evri


Agreed. We’ve changed the way we are stocking because as FC’s are pretty efficient at getting stock processed, we have changed to a more “just in time” approach to supply. We can pretty much guarantee that stock is available to buy within two days from UPS collection so no need to maintain large stocks of anything. Our FBA storage fees were never horrendous anyway but this just tightens things up a little more, thus expanding the margins by a fraction.


If you’re willing to share the ASIN, I can see what it shows for us. BD postcode & a pretty prime membership.

We haven’t had any email with an increase in fees :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. I’ve checked them all… Odd…

Although I’ve had an email to say they’re ending AmazonSmile Feb 2023… not particularly impressed by that.


I didn’t get an email either, only reason I knew was this post haha, and the announcement on the forums.


how do you remove items from S&L.


To make them standard FBA? Or to get them removed from Amazon and returned to you?


Likewise. Nothing here.


to make them standard FBA. S&L FBA are not available to sell to other marketplaces in the EU but under standard FBA they are and if the prices for S&L are going up, is there much of a differnce now between standard & S&L…
Standard would give us the option of maybe picking up a few sales in other EU marketplaces.


FBM will be going up also, we have all probably absorbed increasing costs for far to long, and now with everything going up absorbing costs can no longer happen, customers unfortunately will have to pay more for goods, even the cheap items. If you breakdown an item that is £2.99 with free postage etc etc (we no longer sell as cheap as that on Amazon) some of our items were priced at originally and still are on ebay, there is no way a profit is made, even if the item you are selling cost nothing, but price is king and it truly baffles me how do people do it?


I’m not sure about not being able to sell SNL on other marketplaces, I’m sure you can use Pan EU etc. But I only sell in UK so can’t be sure

To remove them from SNL you need to disenroll them.