Small and Light FBA Fees Price Hikes


Price is king but it does depend on what your stock is and where you source it from? We sell some items that literally cost nothing, I mean, not a penny. Other items there is not much better than 20 or 30% in them.


That’s how I have been doing, small quantities and top ups. Obviously I am still a small operation, the cat and I. I have a proper weekly shipment with UPS collection and one or two emergency top ups that I take to the UPS collection point myself.Often the top up stuff is received in 1 or 2 days, it has been working well until this week as I have had two products out of stock with the top ups stuck at Doncaster for a week.


Go to explore programmes --> fulfilment --> S&L --> disenrol products


You’re going to get the odd snarl up, it’s just the way of the world. However, in general, I have been very impressed with how FC’s have handled incoming stock, even during the busiest periods. I am also a small operation, though I don’t have a cat to help out :smiley_cat::cat: (the two dogs just get in the way and eat my food). I’ve observed how the big corporations do “just in time” supplying and some of it is a joy to behold. The good thing is that it can be scaled down and used just as effectively by little people like us. :grinning:


Here is the Amazon 2023 price changes for who did not receive the email.


Yes we do too, but not on Amazon there is literally nothing in it anymore, specially if you have refunds/returns, which there always is. Ebay are going the same tbh, just nothing left in it anymore for cheapies. Even what you post them in has gone up in price and the person that packs their wages have gone up too and soon the person that delivers that cost will go up too! all those pennies add up, If you break down a £1.99-£2.99 item after VAT, Post, Fees etc there is nothing left really other than maybe a tick in the metrics somewhere if you are lucky!


My cat thinks he is helping, he checks the printer, he can be asleep in another room but when the printer starts he runs with his tail up to have a look. Every single time! He loves the rolls of bubble wrap, all the boxes and checks all the incoming deliveries


It makes me laugh; yesterday they were talking on the telly about the inflation rate dropping from 10.7% to 10.4% as being some “good news”? Really? It still means prices are still rising at 10.4%, compared to the same period last year. It’s hardly a cause to break out the champers and strawberries !


Providing Amazon lets you and doesn’t deactivate your listing. There are plenty of items we’ve come across where Amazon clearly controls the price with Prime.


Ah, you see, he’s an IT cat !! They’re the best ones; they can change your inks, clear paper jams, do head cleans et al. You know, the sort of things that slow us all down even further every day :tired_face:


thank you. Pan EU means VAT registration in whatever country you sell in i believe, so not a fan of having to do that.


I just checked and it’s still showing as £9?


I guess its better going down than up

Glass half full :grinning:


To help make selling on Amazon more rewarding, we will increase the price eligibility threshold of Small and Light units from €11 to €12 in the France, Italy and Spain stores. In Germany, the threshold will increase from €10 to €11, and it will increase from £9 to £10 in the UK


Would be EFN then, which is still available to SnL


apparently S&L items is not available on the EFN programe.


I’m ditching my low profit S&L items. I sell hundreds a month across the variations of one item, but there seems to be a race to the bottom for sellers to have the lowest price, and after fees and the product, I’m only taking 21p - which is about half of what it costs from the wholesaler.

Last time there was an Amazon price increase I put my prices up but not enough to maintain the same meagre profit, and other sellers didn’t. I’m not sure if they hadn’t paid attention and let things churn on making a loss, or if they were happy with miniscule profits. I didn’t get the buy box, ever, and if they’re charging for storage sooner it’s not worth my time this time round.


No you can soon now be able to hold your inventory in other EU countries without needing registration, that is another email I also received overnight from Amazon. They have introduced a new program which is in beta, you only now going to need vat registration for one country and then do a EC sales list.

Here is the link


These price changes come into effect from March onwards


I think the problem is that a lot of people don’t realise that inflation rate is a measure of the rate prices are going up. A lot of people seem to understand it as being the price increase itself, so they think a reduction in inflation rate means a lowering of prices rather than the prices still going up but more slowly.