Small and Light FBA Fees Price Hikes


No Idea, Like I said I don’t sell overseas. Was just going by the information on this page:


I have problems with some S&L items anyway. Some are not recognised as S&L although they are exactly the same size and weight as others that are, but a different flavour, let’s say. I have tried to have them remeasured and to get an explanation from SS why one item is 86p FBA fees and another one exactly the same is £2.43. The weight is less than 30g, I can fit 3 in a LL for £1.05, yet they would charge me £2.43 for one. SS keep repeating the same thing as a broken record. Therefore I have decided to keep most of them here and keep selling them on FBM and eBay with multibuy offers, as it’s so expensive to sell them on FBA, no one else does it anyway. The cat loves the boxes anyway.


Have you manually enrolled them? Amazon

And it was unsuccessful?


A high probability, we had our review in December, accounts do not necessarily follow the normal rises for general customers.


Yes I have, the measures are all ok they all measured 22x5x1 and weigh around 25 g say a bit more with polybag and label but still. 4 are fine and they charge me 86p and are happily enrolled in S&L. For the others it says they are not eligible for S&L (no reason given), for 5 they want 1.71 and for 3 of them £2.43. SS just sends me the link with all the fees which is not very useful and life is too short to waste it trying to reason with bots. I wanted to have some on FBA during the strikes but I can’t sell at that price, with FBM as many people tend to buy 2 or more, it can work out better.


i had one last week that i added to my inventory and on the page i selected FBA and it said standard only - not eligible for S&L
I deleted it as standard costs were too high but noticed that a variation was accepted as S&L
so i added my offer again on the listing and this time set to FBM
Once it was in my inventory i clicked on convert to FBA and it set it straight to S&L


Me also but when manually enrolling it was happy to add it.

If you look at the remeasure tool, are the measurements on Amz correct to what you’re measuring?


If everyone has the same costs to absorb, how does this price you out of the market if the market as a whole goes up?


Don’t forget that they’ve just made it cheaper for Chinese sellers to get their FBA stock here…


They are correct. But this is a kind of problem SS should be able to solve, but all I get is a link and no solution.


Did you try my workaround ?


I will try it now. Thanks.


I don’t have a workable variation though, all these products have different barcode and ASIN


Go to the asin on the buyer side and click on the sell on Amazon button
Fill in your price, quantity as 0, condition etc and click on the I will sell myself fbm option
Wait 5 mins, go to it in your inventory, tick the box to the left and from the action box select convert to fulfilled by amazon and see if it gives the option straight away of s&l


I find if I go to the actual bulk enroll form it gives me more detailed information on why a SKU isn’t eligible


It has worked!


Yay :grinning:


Very useful thanks


Who needs SS? This is a problem I have had for months and SS have been unable and unwilling to help. Sorted in a few minutes thanks to you guys.


SS for me are always a last resort