Small and Light FBA Fees Price Hikes


Plus we are also getting pushed out of the online market, the more we pay for small and light with fees, the more we have to sell our items, this therefore gives an edge to the businesses that sell these similar items on their own website that does not have these selling fees.


If all your eggs are not in the Amazon basket, then this is a good thing. It allows you to be more competitive outside of Amazon. One of the issues that traders have is that the processes are so cheap at Amazon that you struggle to compete and have to do more on Amazon. The more Amazon inflates its prices, then the easier the decision to trade outside and against Amazon.

I am coming up against more and more Chinese traders who benefit from the low costs of manufacture, then they are able to use the fulfillment centres to gain that edge on sending and processing. Many suppliers on Amazon probably buy stock from China and then put it on Amazon, nothing to stop the Chinese from doing this directly and they do.

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