Small and Light launches in Netherlands, Sweden and Poland


We are happy to announce that the FBA Small and Light has now been launched in three new stores: the Netherlands, Sweden and Poland. Now, you can benefit from lower fulfilment fees versus standard FBA on the inexpensive, eligible, Small and Light selection in those countries.

Moreover, thanks to FBA Small and Light, your products are eligible for all the benefits of the Prime badge while you let Amazon do the heavy lifting. Learn more about this new programme below or take a look at our help page.

Learn more about this new programme below or go to FBA Small and Light.

Join the Small and Light programme today.


Heavy lifting on small and light?


I just tried to enroll my products it looks like that is still not working small and light for these countries.


Same error for each item in Sweden - “FF_FBA_UNO_FBA_ELIGIBILITY_ITEM_WITH_NO_VALID_FC”


Okay, so I tried to enroll a product to small&light product and also got this error code:


Does anyone knows what that means ?


are you enrolled in PAN EU ?


I guess no


So to enable the PAN I need the VAT number for the EU marketplaces but I don’t have one, Does it mean I cannot use this feature


reading between the lines of what your account manager has said on your other thread, small and light are eligible for Pan EU and also EFN from stock in EU to other EU countries however, it seems that S&L from UK to EU on EFN is not possible - unless anyone can confirm otherwise


Yes, it does seem like that. Without enabling EU PAN it doesn’t seems you can get working EFN and SNL

I have emailed the manager is it possible to do EFN without VAT in EU, waiting on the reply.


I haven’t got an fba am anymore but when I did (granted it may have changed) I was told s&l was not able to be fulfilled cross border either through efn or export, it had to be sent to EU by me for pan eu


Yes, it does seem to be like that still. The manager got back to me and said that I need to contact customer support about any questions regarding EFN, because he can only advise me on EU PAN. Initially while on the phone talking about the PAN EU he confirmed that I need the VAT registration and send the goods to EU fulfillment centers