Small and light master bag


Are people still master bagging small and light items? We label every item and put them in a clear plastic bag and put the qty and a label to scan on the master bag and never had any issues… however we had a random shipment flagged for incorrect packaging… there was a photo and the only thing visible was the box itself… maybe too much packaging tape? And a bit of the plastic bag poking from the inside… but we used incorrect materials according to the report…


Maybe they thought you’d used a box instead of a bag? FCs sometimes appear to be that silly.


Which FC? Because LTN4 did this to us about a month ago. We still use master bags but they didn’t like the box for some reason


Yes your correct LTN4 Dunstable.,. going by the photo’s it looks like they didn’t like the amount of tape on the box so we’re switching to a more heavy duty craft tape… but what we sent in we’ve sent in over 100 times before with no issues…


Maybe but the picture is of the box just with the bag hanging out a bit. I believe they didn’t like the amount of tape used…


Since that happened they’ve only given us EUKA