Small and light plus normal FBA listing



Is a seller allowed a small and light fba listing and a normal FBA listing for the same ASIN?

thanks in advance for any answers.


Yes you can.
fill fill fill…


Yes, you can do both.


Thanks for the replies, much appreciated. Out of interest, do you know if the normal FBA option takes precedence over the S&L FBA for winning the buy box?


That’s a question for @Russ :wink:


Yes it does!
However, with the charges being a fair bit more, it is very difficult to price equitably.
So at the end of the day, the S&L item is far more likely to win the buy box on price.
The only real advantages of using standard FBA over S&L, is to be able to send out from Amazon to your customer from a website and so on, or to be able to sell to the EU markets.