Small and Light


I’m looking in to using small & light but I can’t seem to find anywhere if there are minimum selling requirements per month or quarter in order to qualify?

Can anybody help? Anything else to bare in mind that isn’t outlined clearly?



ASIN needs to have had good sales in the past - although they don’t say what it is !

You cannot send more than 200 of a SKU to start with

The fees and storage fees etc are all on the help pages

You can also check via the help pages if your ASIN is accepted before you create the listing


They do give some advice on what isn’t eligible:

  • Slow-moving products - ASINs offered on Amazon for more than four weeks that have sold fewer than 10 units in the last four weeks, OR are not expected to sell at least 10 units in the next four weeks, if the ASIN was created in the last 90 days. This does not include items that are new (have never been introduced to or sold on Amazon) or that have only been sold on Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN). These items enjoy a 90 day trial period in FBA Small and Light program, while they onboard and up level in terms of Sales Velocity required to participate in the program


This is a great guide to small and light enrolment. More ASIN based eligibility than sales.


Thanks, that’s great to know as it’s for new products :slight_smile:


don’t forget there was also an announcement this morning stating that as of June you need to label each item as well now


Perfect, Wish I’d have asked here earlier and not spent so much time trying to find out! Thanks


UPC manufacturer label ok? Sorry, relatively new to all this. How do you stay up to date with an ever changing landscape?!


thats what i am in the process of finding out
I was lead to believe that the manufacturer barcode only applies to standard FBA and not S&L
With S&L there is a different barcode generated - called FNSKU which is NOT the manufacturers barcode

I have an account manager so emailed her this morning to ask this very question- can i just upload the barcode number thats already on it somewhere on the label page so that the warehouse staff can just scan whats already on it rather than putting whole new labels on - she replied stating - don’t worry about it until June and i’ll get back to you when i have more details ! Problem is i only have her for 3 months as a thank you for signing up and that’ll be done next month !


Ah ok, that’s not really helping you out then. Have you tried posting on here? Thanks for the guidance, I’ll have to do some more reading as looks like I’ll have to investigate FNSKU


its literally a new thing announced this morning so i presume that as my account manager can’t answer yet, its something that hasn’t been sorted yet

It would make sense that this is what they will do as thats what they do on standard FBA

Its dead straight forward at the moment - amazon creates that code for you, you print out the barcode and either stick it on the outside of the bag/box or label each individual item