Sole Trader to UK LTD Verification | Country of Origin


Hi folks

So I am an Australian resident who registered as a sole trader on Amazon UK in March 2020. It was verified on my Australian credentials and the account was up and running.

A couple weeks back, I initiated the process of changing the legal entity to UK LTD which I had incorporated in the meantime. I sought permission from Amazon before attempting this change of legal entity. They asked my for new documents which were submitted as requested. The account goes in verification again and viola, I have an objection from Amazon.

The country of registration entered in seller central does not match the country shown in documents provided.

They did not ask me to fill out a questionnaire like a few other sellers with questions like what is the purpose of changing the legal entity and country of new business and old business blah blah. I have been put on limited access to Amazon services ever since.

Upon correspondence, I have been able to establish that they have the country of origin of business on my seller account as Australia and the incorporation document shows this as the UK now that I have a registered office in the UK. The verification team says that both of these should be the UK. The irony is that the option of changing the country of origin is just not there on my seller central account. In the request for more information, Amazon wants me to change the business address details which I have already selected as a UK based registered office address. I don’t know how to update this.

My inquiries to Amazon are being played with like a ping pong ball, “Unfortunately our team cannot help you with this. We have forwarded this case to relevant department. Can you please update your country of origin in seller central account meanwhile?”. Alas! only if I knew how to change the damn ‘Country of Origin’ of the new business in seller account.

Any advice, personal experience or line of action that you can share will be greatly appreciated.