Something really odd happening with FBA shipments


The last few shipments I’ve sent to FBA the actual shipment seems to ‘lose’ one SKU from the list.

At first I thought I had forgotten to add one and then kicked myself when it happened again but, for this last one, I absolutely KNOW I didn’t forget to add it to the shipment as it is a new card so I had to fill in the prep info as it was the first time sending (and if I go to create another shipment for it it no longer asks me for it as I’ve already done it before.) I also count how many SKUs are on my list to send and check it against the number of SKUs on the shipment and it was correct.

The worst bit is that all of the affected shipments have been received as correct so my stock has just ‘disappeared’. I’m pretty sure when I sent something a year or so ago that wasn’t supposed to be in the shipment it was flagged up to me to ask if I wanted it put into stock but that just isn’t happening now.

Is anyone else having the same problem?


I noticed this too, but thought I must have made an error or something.

Items I know I sent x2, and then it sells and I’m out of stock… it’s nowhere to be seen, not transferring, on order, in researching, nowhere… never existed.

I noticed it more last week, so I’m glad you posted.


Happens me most times, and I know for a fact that I sent the right items.

  • Firstly my items come in wholesale packs of 6
  • I decide how many items I’m going to send and print out the exact number of FNSKU labels that I need
  • I open the wholesale pack, put the stickers on, put the items straight into the box for FBA and add it to the shipment list on Amazon.

Its actually more likely I would (and have done!) sent them items I forgot to add to the list (customer came in and I forgot) than I would randomly send them 4 or 5 items, if I had only sent 5 items then I would have 1 left over, and a label, which I don’t…

Luckily my items are cheap, so I just write off the 2 or 3 items they loose in nearly every shipment (I usually send 3-400 in a box, so its a small percentage.

last shipment is missing 4 items (out of 378) , the one before that 3, the one before that 1, the one before that 20! (it was 50 but I challenged that one, they found some and reimbursed me for the rest)

Out of 20 shipments I’ve sent them only 7 they have received exactly what I sent


They have a systemic issue with counting and nobody in Amazon corporate know or cares. They report shortages (or occasionally overages) from at least every second shipment too, sometimes more often, yet we pack in a clear area and as every item has a label we would notice if things aren’t correctly picked for labelling, or not counted into the shipment.


I don’t think I explained it very well, I don’t mean just the odd miscount. It’s not just the units missing, the SKU is disappearing from the inventory list, even though I know I added it.