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I would like to send goods from The Netherlands to an Amazon Warehouse in the UK BHX4. I don’t want to send a lot so I opted for SPD. The problem I now have is that my carrier only picks up pallets. If I place few goods per pallet, my products will become expensive. Sending it via DHL, UPS or FEDEX is no option (too expensive). I don’t see an answer to this question anywhere in Seller Center. Nor can I send goods with different SKUs on one pallet! Can anyone give me advice on this topic?

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I can’t imagine that unless your shipment is quite odd, that a parcel courier would be any cheaper than a pallet.
Why do you think that you can’t send multiple SKU’s on one shipment?

And the obvious answer here anyway, is if it is too expensive to send, then you need to not send.
It’s pointless otherwise.


Are you VAT registered in the UK?


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I would like to put two different SKUs on one pallet. But is there a risk that the shipment will not be accepted by the fulfillment center? I don’t know myself, but that’s what I’m wondering. Is it possible to place different SKUs on one pallet? Because according to the procedure you have to stick the FBA shipping labels on each side. I don’t know if it is possible to put two different FBA shipping labels (each FBA shipping label represents one SKU) on each side of the pallet.

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Yes I am registered.


I would strongly suggest, that you go look at Seller University. It explains all of this kind of thing, and I have to be honest, if your asking these kind of questions, you really don’t know what your doing yet.

You will find a link to it at the bottom of seller central. It explains exactly what you need to do when sending a shipment to Amazon.

You can send multiple SKU’s per box/per pallet/per shipment.
Each item needs to be labelled individually with an FNSKU label.
Each box needs labelling with a box label.
The pallet needs 4 labels. One on each side. Along with the pallet labels themselves.

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