Spelling mistake from Customer - customised item


Hi all,

I’m hoping someone can help on this one.

We sell business cards, in which the customer uses our template and provides their own information. They are even asked to check and approve their own design, by typing they they have checked it before ordering.

We have had a complaint message from a customer who made a spelling mistake and we’re trying to understand how to prevent a situation where they can just either get their money back, or damage our rating through no fault of our own… It seems that they can just get around the Amazon Returns Policy quite easily?

I’m sure some of you guys have come across this type of situation before - what would be the right way to set up so that we can fix problems that are genuine, such as damage in transit, and weed out others that are by the customer themselves?

I have attached the current settings for returns/refunds. Is there something we should change/add?



To be honest you are actually pretty well covered by Amazon that are bespoke.
Do you use the customisation tool? If so you just ask them to send the image and you are only comparing the image with the record that you have for printing and as long as its the same you are covered.

On the returns, they have to put a reason but if you have customisation then they are limited to the reason and they will try putting wrong description on website or claim it is counterfeit.

As a matter of practice we always copy and paste to avoid errors on our part but you cannot be expected to cover their errors.

A-Z claims are difficult when the customer is claiming non receipt but Amazon do understand bespoke quite well and we do lots of customisations and do get the odd person saying the phone number is wrong. The last one I got, I just rejected it and never heard anything since. I had another whereby they just went back and reordered…

They cannot get around the Amazon policy and so far I have had nothing returned to me that has been bespoke whereby they have had their money returned and I would fight this no matter what.


sorry also forgot to mention that you can edit your own terms of service and you may want to make it clear that Bespoke orders are non returnable.

When you reject the return, it does ask you the reason and made to measure is the reason I put for refusal.


Thanks for this - what a great answer! :slight_smile:

We work from the supplied SVG file, which is generated by the Amazon system… we put this into out software and print THEIR artwork, of which they get an onscreen preview through amazon.

So it seems that we are on the right track - I just saw your further reply, and it’s useful to get that info. Can you tell me - that return policy you mention, is it located at the bottom of that page, or somewhere else in the returns settings? (Sometimes I think the amazon back end system is a bit of a maze!) :sweat_smile:


Go to the settings tab and click the your info and policies section.

You have a range of options to add information about your company but you can always add information about customisation and put in your disclaimers to say that bespoke items are excluded from the returns policy.


Thank you for this. I have added to our help pages and other information in the settings - hopefully this will cover the bases. :slight_smile: